Unreal Engine 4 – Pool Pirates!

I’m currently working on an open world game, and in it is a history museum. Since one of the rooms is a pirate themed room, I thought it would be fitting to have a pirate themed minigame in it! I got to work on it, and in a few days I made Pool Pirates! It is an endless wave-based ‘shooter’, where your ultimate goal is to survive by destroying enemy Sloops and Brigantines, while also upgrading your ship (Sloop -> Brigantine -> Galleon). Although health does not automatically regenerate, the armor does after a few seconds of not taking damage. Players can go to the other dock to refill their reserve cannonballs, as well. Everything comes at a price, and the currency can be obtained by picking up loot enemy ships drop upon death.


Shooting Cannons

Cannons lock onto nearby enemy ships

Upgrading Ships


Reloading & Restocking Cannonballs


In the future I plan to add mini-bosses, power ups like a battering ram attachment, and more.