Unreal Engine 4 – Mr. Keyloggie’s Time Trials

Mr. Keyloggie’s Time Trials demonstrates a simple, yet expandable concept: teach the player mechanics of the game through seemingly random objectives and scenarios, eventually leading to a grand conclusion.
Just like Daniel Larusso in the 1984 classic, “The Karate Kid”, the player is presented with scenarios completely independent from one another. From setting up and playing limbo at the beach, to setting off fireworks at a concert, the player is gradually conditioned and prepared for the final mission: an art museum heist.
Each scenario’s mechanics translate to the heist. The limbo level teaches the player how to lift/put down objects (to carry paintings during the heist) as well as maneuvering under obstacles (to get through the security laser beams). The second level teaches the player how to light fuses (to blow open the vault and retrieve the paintings) as well as how to sprint (to get away from the museum after stealing the paintings).



A playable copy of the game can be downloaded here (1.27gb)

Mr. Keyloggie's _Time Trials


The Game Design Document external link can be found here

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