Unreal Engine – Blueprint Tutorials

View the tutorial series here

My internship at Moorpark College for Game Design had me choose a personal project to work on over the course of the semester. I set my goal to make a tutorial series for Unreal that teaches students how to implement basic game systems to compliment their game and help them achieve their ideas.

Often times classmates wanted to implement a feature in their game that they didn’t know how to do. They looked online for tutorials, and would usually find a really long video explaining how to make these systems. They are usually helpful, but can be discouraging for people wanting to learn how to do it.

Unreal’s Blueprint system is a great way for non-programmers to make systems without hard coding. It includes most of the C++ functions and presents it in a very user friendly way. I decided this was the way to go with the tutorials.

I made a plugin for the editor that includes all of the tutorials’ content, as well as a showcase map with all of the features. Together with the head of the Game Design program at Moorpark College, we plan to implement this plugin on the school computers’ Unreal editors.