Sploder – StackUp

This game is titled “StackUp”, where the player moves blocks around in order to make a path for the player pawn to navigate and get the coin on each level. The player can’t jump, so the block-paths have to be smooth enough to slide from one to another. The pathways will not always be the same when they are built, so there is a sense of flexibility when progressing instead of completely linear and preplanned. This was created for an assignment in a Game Design class at Moorpark College.

I faced several challenges while making this game. Since the game maker “Sploder” is old and slightly obsolete, the features are very limited in designing games. The maker features a primitive physics engine, side scroller system, as well as other types for game creation. For this project, I used the physics engine.

I think that this game pushed the limits of what Sploder can do in several aspects, like pawn movement on physics objects. For the parameters given, the game is pretty intuitive.

Try Out StackUp Here!

A walkthrough was also created as a supplement to the game, which can be seen here.


Blocks are reoriented using the cursor to create paths and ramps to the objective (coins).