Garry’s Mod – Black Ops 2 Time Bomb

In Black Ops 2 Zombies, the Time Bomb was an equipment item which allowed players to roll back the match to whenever the time bomb was thrown down, rewinding the round number, perks, points, zombies, and more.

In Garry’s Mod, however, this version of the time bomb had to do much more than that. In the round-based gamemode nZombies (a recreation of the classic CoD Zombies experience), this time bomb acts as it does in the original. In Sandbox, it saves every aspect of the world; props spawned by players, NPCs, constraints, like ropes, welds, and more. Every player’s position, camera angle, weapons and their ammo, health, and armor are saved as well.

This was probably the most challenging addon I’ve done in Garry’s Mod, because of the amount of other content and addons it had to be compatible with.

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Pocket Watch Source Code Available Here

Time Bomb Entity Source Code Available Here