Game Maker – Pango: Ice Pursuit

Pango: Ice Pursuit follows a penguin named Pango as he ventures the icy planes to collect fish for his village. With goomba-like enemies, the player must jump on their heads to collect them and bring them back to the designated wooden barrels. After collecting 3 fish, a rainbow fish is created which grants increased movement speed and jump height. After a total of 9 fish are collected, the game is finished. This was created for an assignment in a Game Design class at Moorpark College.

That was my first time using Game Maker. Although its native language, GML (Game Maker Language), was a little discouraging at first, I had a vision for a game and was able to utilize the language to accomplish my vision. The engine was a lot more simple than what I was used to with Unreal and Unity, and this really tested my flexibility to see what I can do with the tools GameMaker has to offer. All sprite work is original.

The player spawns in and sees both the fish and the barrel

Collecting the fish and putting them in the barrel gives the player visual feedback

Every action has a corresponding sprite sheet to give the game more ‘life’

The rainbow fish is the ticket to victory, allowing players to jump higher and reach the checkpoints